OMG! Obama birth certificate was copy/pasted from woman’s ID (video)

Did you like President Barack Obama’s speech yesterday? Did his thoughtful and inspiring words make you long for a wonderful, golden past when you didn’t wake up afraid of what the Cult45 regime and its collaborators did overnight?

WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! Obama’s birth certificate is a copy and paste forgery, according to this dispatch from the racist pendejo who was part of defeated and disgraced Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Obama white wing “birther” hit squad. In this alternative facts universe, where the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre was faked, gun control is TREASON! and more:

Mike Zullo explains that Obama’s forged Hawaii birth certificate was built from a woman’s Hawaii document. Johanna Ah’Nee was born in Hawaii — and parts of her birth certificate were copy-pasted onto Obama’s forged birth certificate.

Zullo responds to naysayers who suggest the Ah’Nee document is “a fake.” Whether Ah’Nee’s certificate is real or fake, the Obama birth certificate is a proven forgery — and that won’t change.

Forensic examiners have determined Obama’s ID is forged — and pieces of the Ah’Nee document were used to forge it.