Pocho Ocho other things banned in Houston beside piñatas

In the suburbs of Houston – Harris County, TX – officials are reviewing a controversial policy that prohibits piñatas in certain county parks after Tony Diaz of Librotraficantes questioned the rule and signs that singled out piñatas:

It’s mind-boggling. Why be so culturally specific? If you want to say ‘No littering,’ then say ‘No littering.’ But this is like saying, ‘No Mexicans.’

We had to ask: What are the Pocho Ocho other things that are banned in Houston aside from piñatas?

8. Eating tacos without a fork

7. Parking cars on blocks

6. Sleeping under a cactus

5. Dancing in or around the vicinity of a large hat

4. Wearing fruit on your head

3. Leaning like a cholo

2. Frying beans more than once

And the numero uno thing banned in Houston besides piñatas is

Discharging a chancla within city limits