Pocho Ocho props you need to be a proper Latino

Fruit hat

You know, sometimes it’s hard being Latino. You wake up, go about your day, do your business, and then people ask you where your donkey is, or whether your family is from Mexico.

And, you know, it may be that your family has been in the U.S. longer than theirs, or that no one in your family has a moustache, but why burst peoples’ bubbles with inconvenient truths like that?

So here’s a list of the Pocho Ocho indispensable Latino props — for those days that you forget you’re supposed to be a stereotype!

8. Sombrero — Don’t forget your hat, amigo!

7. Moustache — You know it does go with the sombrero, as does the poncho and/or donkey. Wouldn’t want you to leave home without it!

6. Weird Accent — Where are you from? Los Angeles, no, I mean originally? All the actors in the movies and on TV who are Latino have accents, where’s yours?

5. Tattoos — No, not that cool hipster artsy one, the one you got in prison? I know you people all have tattoos, like the tear drops, how many people have you killed?

4. Fruit Hat — Like the banana lady, isn’t that the type of clothing you wear where you’re from?

3. Tight Red/Leopard Print Dress — C’mon, you know you’re really not into business casual, what are those sensible flats? Don’t you love high heels?

2. Knife — What kind of knife do you carry? ‘Cause you have to defend yourself in your neighborhood, right?

And the top props to be a proper Latino are…

For him — a leaf blower, for her a broom.

Based on a post at NewsTaco.com

Fruit hat image courtesy CostumeShopper.com, for all your fruit hat requirements.