Pocho Ocho reasons rogue ex-cop Dorner may be a Hollywood trope

While law enforcement officers throughout Southern California search for fugitive ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner, POCHO has unearthed eight key factors which tie Dorner’s story to the controversial “Magical Negro” character popularized in Hollywood movies.

8. He is similar in build to the guy from The Green Mile.

7. He deals out creepy retribution to crooked cops.

6. He fulfills the requirement of morally edifying an Anglo character, in this case by sending Anderson Cooper an explanatory letter about LAPD corruption.

5. He was punished for trying to stop an injustice.

4. He can alter the weather to his advantage.

3. He will be played by Morgan Freeman in the movie.

2. His story could end either in death at the hands of police or in a mysterious escape with the help of Tim Robbins.

And the numero uno reason rogue ex-cop Dorner may be a “Magical Negro” is…

He can disappear.