Pocho Ocho top activists’ pickup lines for Valentine’s Day

larazatshirtLove is in the air for Valentine’s Day, along with cries for immigration reform, equal economic opportunity and an end to pervasive systemic racism.

Is there a way for the politically active pocha or pocho, Chicano, Chicana, Chican@ and/or Latinx to get lucky AND make the world a better place?

Yes, there is, in our list of the Pocho Ocho top activist pickup lines you can use this Valentine’s Day:

8. What do we want? A quiet romantic dinner for two! When do we want it? Friday night — what do you think — 8-ish?

7. What’s a nice girl like you doing in a MEChA like this?

6. Is that a GMO-free organic sustainably-raised earth-friendly heirloom local family farm non-corporate elote in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

5. C’mon, baby. We didn’t cross the friend zone — the friend zone crossed us.

4. Did anyone ever tell you you look like Frida Kahlo?

3. Do you sit-in here often?

2. Let’s make babies — the gringos absolutely hate that.

And the numero uno activist pickup line for Valentine’s Day is…

No justice, no piece.


  • Especial Correspondents Comic Saenz, Maria Purisima, and Eres Nerd contributed to this report.

Based on a Tweet by @BrujaRebel.  Shirt photo made here.