New GOP plan: Blame Obama for ‘over-working’ America

(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON) GOP strategists — concerned the declining jobless rate hurts their chances of winning the White House  — are now attacking the Obama Administration for causing rampant over-employment.

“Obama’s policies are creating more and more jobs. Haven’t Americans suffered enough these last three years?  Jobs are the last things they want,” Republican pollster Charlie “Chuck” Charles told a morning meeting of the Contradict Reality and Progress Political Action Committee (CRaP PAC.)

The message quickly spread to the GOP rank and file.  

“This President doesn’t get it.  He should be finding ways for Americans to stay home and relax. Instead, all he does is make more and more jobs available. It’s pathetic and I can’t wait till November,” recently re-hired Detroit factory worker Peggy Summers told PNS.

Charles told the CRaP PAC crowd that the Republican National Committee and Fox News are already discussing plans for a media campaign tentatively called Rock the Vote Against Your Self-Interest.

The campaign will feature conservative celebrities and billionaires appearing in 30-second commercials explaining why it makes sense for voters to support policies that make their own lives harder and less secure.  The first spot in this series will be entitled Medicare is for Wussies and will star tough-guy Chuck Norris.

Photo by Lady Buffalo.

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