Vote! Damian Lopez Rodriguez died to become a citizen (video)

Damian Lopez Rodriguez was brought to the USA without documents as a child — you know, one of those rapists and narcos from Mexico Donald Trump is going to deport.

Damian loved his new country so much he enlisted in the Army when he turned 18. After he died in Iraq, he was granted posthumous citizenship by President George Bush. Damian’s dad has faith his son in Heaven is voting in this election. Are you?

Brand-new American citizen has a message for Donald Trump (photos)

houstonjudgeConcepcion M., a Texas entrepreneur, became an American citizen Wednesday at a Houston naturalization ceremony, when Federal District Judge Lynn Hughes led 2500 immigrants from around the world in the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America.

The mother of 9-year-old citizen Carlos Arturo M., Concepcion M. has already made up her mind about the upcoming Presidential election. 🙂

Mas…Brand-new American citizen has a message for Donald Trump (photos)

Mississippi bill would require ‘green cards’ from Pocho Ricans

(PNS reporting from OLE MISS) Inspired by the members of the University of Southern Mississippi marching band, state legislators passed a harsh new anti-immigration measure Wednesday and expect the bill to pass the Senate and be signed into law soon by Gov. Phil Bryant.

HB 488 requires law enforcement to investigate the immigration status of any person in custody thought to be in the country illegally and specifically targets American citizens from Puerto Rico. They are obligated to present a green card as well as prove proficiency in English.

The bill originally included provisions that would have required public schools to check the immigration status of all enrolled students and test their spelling proficiency. Those provisions were removed from the bill when it was discovered that many students could not spell Mississippi without singing it.

Mas…Mississippi bill would require ‘green cards’ from Pocho Ricans