Donald Trump is The Great Baboso

bigbabosoFor those of you not familiar with the Spanish word “baboso,” it generally refers to someone that is irresponsible or not intelligent. And its close cousin “babosadas,” refers to when a person talks nonsense or rubbish. In the current political atmosphere, the words are apt. Indeed, the words go a long way to explain why the world seems to be upside down at the moment.


Mas…Donald Trump is The Great Baboso

Do it right or don’t do it at all! How to throw a pie in the face (videos)

The act of throwing a pie in someone’s face is not a mission to be undertaken lightly, and it’s a mission we certainly do not recommend, advocate nor encourage, according to our attorneys.

A poorly thought-out pieing plan can backfire, leaving the pie thrower to deal with unintended consequences (see video, above.) Helpful, illustrated hypertext pie throwing manuals are why Al Gore invented the Internets, and this introduction, we hope, might be of some use to you. Not you with the YOLO T-shirt. Those calmer looking people with the NO FRACKING WAY hoodies.

According to online anarchists and pie-throwing experts, there is a proven two-step approach to an effective pie throw, and also several do’s and don’t’s in considering the pie per se. Peep this info graphic:

Mas…Do it right or don’t do it at all! How to throw a pie in the face (videos)