Pocha’s Guide to CDMX: Where to go, how to get robbed, what to eat

Last Sunday night my dad picked me up at the San Diego Airport after my nine-hour, one stop in Houston, flight from Mexico City, and my uncle called over the Bluetooth and started chatting about his recent visit to my city of residence.

“At first I was afraid to be walking around el Centro, but after a few days I got over it.”

If a Pocho who lived in CDMX for over 20 years fears a short trip back to Mexico City, then what are the rest of us Millenial Poch@s out here supposed to do to conquer this? Have no fear!

The Pochas Guide to Mexico City is here!

Mas…Pocha’s Guide to CDMX: Where to go, how to get robbed, what to eat

Natalie Scenters-Zapico: Poems about La Migra and more (video, text)

Profe and poet Natalie Scenters-Zapico, with violinist Ernesto Villalobos (of the Villalobos Brothers), served up some powerful music and poignant poemas at a recent perfomance in CDMX. [Video by Di/Verso Encuentro de Poemas en la Ciudad de México, a program from the city government.]

Here are the palabras:

Mas…Natalie Scenters-Zapico: Poems about La Migra and more (video, text)

*OOPS Welcome to Mexico City’s weekly ‘anarco-punk’ meetup (video)

UH OH! It looks like the video got pulled and the account of the uploader got shut down for reasons. Sorry, pochos. We didn’t do it. We’re victims, too. 🙁

The punks come every week to celebrate feminism, animal liberation, not buying from trans-national corporations, and the do-it-yourself ethic.

DF hipsters eat Pinche Gringo BBQ, pay with smartphones (video)

At Mexico City’s famous Pinche Gringo BBQ, there may be lines for food all the time, but when it’s your turn to pay, you can cough up the cash with PayPal. Pagar sin efectivo ni tarjetas sólo podría ser mejor si te regalaran algo y eso fue precisamente lo que PayPal hizo en Pinche Gringo BBQ, un lugar que preparara auténtico barbecue estilo tejano y donde además puedes pagar con tu smartphone.

Popocatépetl erupts again, threat level raised, and we’ve got videos

National Geographic reports:

Less than 40 miles outside of Mexico City, the volcano Popocatépetl is erupting, sending ash plumes roughly two miles into the atmosphere. Over the weekend, airlines took the precaution of cancelling flights out of Mexico City, even though the airport itself remained open.

Authorities have upgraded the threat status of the volcano from Yellow-Phase 2 to Yellow-Phase 3.

This news report from Canal Estrella TV (video, above) offers an aerial perspective you don’t often get to see.

Here’s the PopoCam video:

Mas…Popocatépetl erupts again, threat level raised, and we’ve got videos

Luchador Peatonito is Mexico City’s ‘Defender of Pedestrians’ (video)

In Mexico City, a superhero luchador fights for the rights of pedestrians.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

If you ever get stuck in gridlock at an intersection in this crowded capital city, you can’t expect help from a street cop. But you might try “Peatónito,” the protector of pedestrians who dresses as a Mexican wrestler.

When a car blocks a crosswalk, from out of nowhere appears Peatónito (“little pedestrian” in Spanish), in a cape and wrestler’s mask. He stands directly in front of the car and tries to push it back with his bare hands—often to the astonishment of the drivers. If a motorbike is parked on the sidewalk blocking the way, Peatónito lifts it up and puts it on the curb where it belongs.

Mas…Luchador Peatonito is Mexico City’s ‘Defender of Pedestrians’ (video)