Germany’s ‘Mexican’ thrill ride has its ups and downs (video)

Auf Deutschland, thrill-seekers experience authentic pre-Columbian Mexico with every Talocan thrill ride at Phantasialand, the gigantor theme park in Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia. [Beer and wurst slightly wurstier east of the Seine. Fire and water included. Earth and wind available at extra charge. Ask your cartel liason about extra-judicial disappearances and Aztec sacrifices.]

Watch: German Boy Scouts make mass quantities of ‘burritos’

“Last week we made 90 burritos in about 45 minutes in our Boy Scout tent camp,” video uploader Major Boerns explains:

Mexican / Texmex food is hardly known in Germany at all, so it was a bit of a experiment and therefore I posted this here. The children liked it very much… I know this may be some youtube stuff…but this is for the people who look for some recipes for a huge amount of guests… 🙂 Any ideas for improvement and of course any insults welcome 🙂

Pocho Ocho top reasons for Brazil vs Alemania futbol FAIL

brazilsadTuesday’s disastrous Brazil-Germany FIFA2014 World Cup futbol match, which ended in Germany whipping the host country 7-1, has saddened the nation (photo.) And on Wednesday, Brazil’s soccer fans were struggling to understand what exactly went wrong.

We analyzed press and social media reactions and translated from the Portuguese to bring you their Pocho Ocho top reasons for Brazil’s FAIL:

8. Blame it on the bossa nova, with its magic spell.

7. All those pesky Hitler clones on the Brazil team let Germany win.

6. Alemania? We thought we were playing Ally McBeal!

Mas…Pocho Ocho top reasons for Brazil vs Alemania futbol FAIL

PNS*Hot*Flash: Sick Queen Elizabeth says horsemeat is fine

(PNS reporting from LONDON) Queen Elizabeth II of England — depite being briefly hospitalized with a stomach infection — has endorsed the stampede of European carnivores who say horsemeat in your beefburger is no big deal.

Joining the German cabinet minister who advocated giving horsemeat-tainted products to poor people and the Huffington Post’s LatinoVoices, which published a Cuban horsemeat recipe, the 86-year-old Queen put her stamp of approval on the new “austerity” regime:

Mas…PNS*Hot*Flash: Sick Queen Elizabeth says horsemeat is fine