The border is a river and there’s a ‘Ferryman at the Wall’ (video)

Originally proposed as an international peace park with Mexico, Big Bend, Texas has a unique relationship with its southern neighbor. For the past 40 years, Mike Davidson — the Ferryman at the Wall — has been ferrying tourists across the Rio Grande for a little taste of Mexican life. He’d like to keep it that way, but some orange pendejo wants to build a great big border wall to divide the park.

El Vez live at the Tiki Oasis: He’s going to ‘Aztlan’ (videos, toon)

The Tiki Oasis, San Diego, Califas 2014: El Vez is going to Aztlan — that’s where he wants to be. “The Mexican Elvis” (real name Robert Lopez) is from Chula Vista, Califas, so he’s already there. POCHO world headquarters — in East Los — tambien!

Here’s the studio version, from his album Gracias Land:

Mas…El Vez live at the Tiki Oasis: He’s going to ‘Aztlan’ (videos, toon)

Talk radio guy blows the lid off ‘Mexican swimming lessons’ (video)

If you’ve been wondering why the internationally-lauded public school system in Mexico makes sure all the kids get swimming lessons, talk show guy AND education expert Rick Rantz of 1270AM WQTT in Union County, OH, has the answer. Advertising Sales Manager Mike Schnell is at 614.935.1038 if you have more questions.The radio station’s Programming Department is at 614.425.9633, or you can email