Pretty short list of Latina celebrities’ bra sizes (photos)

adriana-lima-12We don’t have everyone’s bra sizes, just the ones we could scrape from, your Interwebz source for celebrity bra sizes.

Let’s start with the site’s writeup of Brazilian-born Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima (photo, above):

…Adriana Lima bra size is obviously one of the most important measures for a model of this type. Adrianna Lima bra size is a perfect 32D, however, there are many speculations if the size is natural. Based on the photos of multiple shoots during her career, the change was quite evident in Adriana Lima bra size, however, the super model claims that her bust is completely natural. Adriana Lima enjoys continuous attention from her fans and keeps receiving massive paychecks for the work that she does.


Mas…Pretty short list of Latina celebrities’ bra sizes (photos)

Ladies: Get men to look you in the eyes with new ‘Tittaes’ (video)

God gave us chi-chis and we’re thankful for that, but really, guys, how hard is it for you to look us in the eyes instead of staring at our breasts? Am I right, girls? Wait — there’s an app for that. Marion Cotillard introduces Tittaes. They’re from France!


BFFs Mitt, Darryl visit Latino sites for Hispanic Heritage Month (photos)

They hooked up Tuesday when the candidate visited a Denver-area Chipotle.

Then GOP presidential candidate and Latino-lover Mitt Romney and new BFF Darryl went on a bromance tour of other important Latino institutions to mark Hispanic Heritage Month, as seen in this photo of their visit to Sophia Vergara’s breasts. (She recently described her chi-chis as a “pain in the ass.“)

Inspired by Vergara, the duo made a few more estops:

Mas…BFFs Mitt, Darryl visit Latino sites for Hispanic Heritage Month (photos)

PochoCast #5: Alcaraz y Madrigal on face-chewing and boobs (NSFW)

POCHO primos Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and Migrant Editor Al Madrigal chop, channel and lower the ñews:

  • Miami munchies and Canadian cannibals
  • Salma Hayek’s boob optimization
  • POCHO web traffic
  • Wisconsin recall
  • Organized labor
  • Lalo’s copyright trouble on Facebook
  • These kids today

— Produced by Jefe de Creative Marcelo Ziperovich(NSFW language.)