Ritchie Valens birthday tribute: Cutty Flam does ‘Donna’ (video)

Ritchie Valens, 1950s Pacoima pocho teenage idol, would have been 73 years old today, except for that day the music died. Cutty Flam, the alt.rock.band from your black-and-white-retro future, made this video tribute, performing Ritchie’s hit Donna.

It’s one of a series of Valens tribute videos, as EddieG explains:

Mas…Ritchie Valens birthday tribute: Cutty Flam does ‘Donna’ (video)

Moms Mabley: ‘Abraham, Martin and John’ (video)

Fifty years ago today, Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. JFK’s killing, and then MLK’s, inspired Dion DiMucci, mostly known for his doo-wop work with Dion and the Belmonts, to record a ballad about the lost heroes of a generation, and the song became an unlikely hit for Dion and others (including Marvin Gaye.)

In this clip from the old Merv Griffin show, comic Moms Mabley, known mostly for her “blue” stage act, sings an emotional version of Dion’s classic, Abraham, Martin and John. Moms had a Top 40 hit with the song in 1969. Her version includes Bobby Kennedy.

Ollin rocks your shamrock for Día de San Patricio

East L.A. pochos  Ollin channel Irish band the Pogues in Ollin’s Tenth Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pogues tribute at the Satellite in Silverlake tonight. And for us that’s a good excuse to feature this video as well as the super cool poster for the show (below.) Mira! The shamrock and the chile share the musical and artistic stage. Also we get to use this green font. Meanwhile, what is the deal with the Irish in Mexico?

Mas…Ollin rocks your shamrock for Día de San Patricio