The Pocho Ocho craziest cosas we found in the Rosca de Reyes

Rosca-de-reyes-mexToday is Three Kings Day, Dia de Los Reyes Magos, AKA Epiphany, the day when Los Tres Reyes dropped by the manger to gift up the original Anchor Baby, El Baby Jesus.

Check out the Pocho Ocho Craziest Things we found in the Rosca de Reyes here at the POCHO world headquarters:

8. Rosca’s Chicken and Waffles

7. One long black hair

6. Hot new Kanye West musical discovery “Paul McCarthy”

5. That engagement ring I lost in 1942 while gardening

4. One short curly black hair

3. Raisins! Yuck!

2. Oscar Zeta Acosta

And the Numero Uno Craziest Cosa we found in our Rosca de Reyes was …





Eres Nerd, Tia Lencha, Malcolm Mex, Comic Saenz and Lalo Alcaraz contributed to this report.

Actual rosca photo via Wikipedia by Itzcuauhtli.