Viva Manteca! Lard: It’s what’s for dinner (and trendy oils cause cancer)

Hey, Millennials, you need more lard in your diet. And beef tallow. What? Animal fats are good for you and trendy oils can cause cancer!

That’s the pitch from Coast Packing Company which we found by following Ernest Miller’s Tweet up there ^^^ with the tacos.

Here’s a screencap featuring manteca and tacos from their website (click on the image to embiggen):

We agree lard makes some stuff taste way better (especially baked goods) but does our “trendy” EVOO really cause cancer?

The lard people are serious:

Consumers, especially Millennials and Hispanic consumers, are demanding more authenticity in their food. One simple, easy and economical way to increase the authenticity of many ethnic cuisines as well as American comfort foods is to switch from vegetable oils to natural animal fat shortenings, such as lard and beef tallow. In addition to enhancing the bottom line, heritage fats are also on trend for flavor, wellness and sustainability.

You’ll have to send away for the “White Paper” to find out more.