The supremely weird (what else is new?) Inca Roads was the opening track on Frank Zappa’s 1975 LP One Size Fits All. Zappa and friends explore the racist cable TV theory that ancient illegal space aliens built the civilization of the Incas, because ancient Incas were not smart enough to do it themselves because brown. [George Duke, vocals and keyboards; Ruth Underwood, marimba.]

Mira las palabras: [Mas…]

The Lord of Sipan may have died 2000 years ago, but 3D reconstructions revealed last week have shown he looked just like his descendants — the indigenous peoples of the Andes today.

Fom The Daily Mail:

The skull of one of the most famous archaeological finds of the twentieth century has been reconstructed using 3D imaging. [Mas…]

Michael Jackson’s music moonwalks like an Inca in The Way You Make Me Feel, performed in indigenous language Quechua by 14-year-old Peruvian Renata Flores Rivera.

More like this? How about a mariachi and Spanglish-ish version of Get Lucky by Daft Punk? [Mas…]

aztectricksterIn these troubled times, God[ess] knows, we could use some help from indigenous, culturally-appropriate deities.

Here are the Pocho Ocho top Aztec gods we could sure use today:

8. Chingilipochtli, god of payback

7. Guautemoc, god of amazement and wonder

6. Spocktezuma, god of living long and prospering tambien [Mas…]

quipusScientists investigating the archaeological complex of Incahuasi, south of Lima, have uncovered 25 well-preserved quipus.

The 600-year-old strings are an example of the technology of the Inca civilization, which never developed a written language.

Quipu – also called “khi-pus” or “talking knots” – are made up of colored spun thread, and sometimes, llama or alpaca hair.

The ornately knotted strings are thought to have helped in record-keeping, when authorities wanted to monitor items such as taxes and population.


Popcorn — palomitas de maíz — was discovered-invented-perfected in Peru circa 4700 BCE, the very first domesticated corn product. Watch how the corn pops, up close and personal.

Inca round-up of vicuña to gather ‘The Gold of the Andes’ (video)

by LIL BOPIP March 6, 2013 Cultura
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In the high desert of the Peruvian Andes, the descendants of the Inca form a human chain to perform the Chaccu, the ritual round-up and shearing of the wild vicuña.


Searching for Eldorado’s City of Gold, modern ‘goldbugs’ infest AZ

by Moctezuma Cortés March 20, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from THE HATE STATE OF ARIZONA) It’s a mystery from history that’s too shiny to die: Where exactly is Eldorado, the famed City of Gold built by ancient Aztlanians and hidden from the brutal “conquistadors?” A  swarm of recession-smacked out-of-towners asked the question again last week in Yuma County, AZ. The answer included […]