Andy Griffith, ‘America’s Sheriff’ dies, AZ Sheriff Arpaio tragically lives

Beloved acting legend Andy Griffith, known for his starring role as the sheriff on The Andy Griffith Show and later on the long-running series Matlock, died Tuesday and was buried yesterday in North Carolina. Tragically, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still clinging to life.

Bill Douters of the Dare County, NC Coroner’s Office confirmed the 86-year-old’s death:

God has taken Andy Griffith, one of our most beloved actors, and residents, but yet He spared the brutal and racist animal Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

The Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, Arpaio is 80 years old, and is, sadly, in good health.

Griffith’s career spanned more than 50 years on stage, film and TV, but he will always be best known as Sheriff Andy Taylor in the show set in a North Carolina town similar Griffith’s own hometown of Mount Airy, NC.

He recently starred in a public service announcement (video below) promoting the benefits of the Affordable Healthcare Act (the ACA or “Obamacare”) and Medicare for senior citizens.

Arpaio has recently arrested an undocumented six-year-old girl from Honduras, conducted racial profiling against Arizona’s Latino residents, marches prisoners in chains and allowed hundreds of sex crimes against Latino children go un-investigated.

Griffith was first seen in the 1958 film A Face In The Crowd, where he played a troubled singer.

“I most enjoyed him in Matlock,” said Eugenia Drysdale of Chapel Hill.

“Why couldn’t have that godawful Sheriff Joe Arpaio been taken to the Pearly Gates, or wherever, instead?”

Area residents will reportedly hold a silent vigil until they hear news of Arpaio’s death.