Mexican Mitt Romney: Latinos need Labambacare, pronto!

This is a terrible day for illness and disease. Obamacare being upheld by those activist judges at the Supremes Court is making me sicker than the time I tried McDonald’s experimental “Birria Burger.”

Thank God it was Available for a Limited Time Only.

The Republican Party is the only party looking out for disease! Diseases are people, my friends. Especially Jan Brewer.

This ruling upholding Obamacare is wrong for Amercia, and really messes up my campaign for President. However, things are not terminal yet.

I vow on my Day Juan in office as Presidente Romney, to repeal Obamacare (AKA Romneycare) and replace it with Romneydoesntcare.

Romneydoesntcare is modeled on the health system we had before, which was, “rich people pay cash for healthcare, and everyone else can go pound pupusas.”

El GOP is the party of innovation. Back at my chain of neighborhood clinics located in strip malls all over the barrio, I developed a new, more efficient system to replace Obamacare. I was waiting to present my new healthcare plan for Latinos, Labambacare, but here it is now.

Under under Labambacare, patients  are entitled to a choice of a wide range of culturally-sensitive medical treatments and cures, including:


Sobadores are free.  But they have the right to refuse service to JOHN TRAVOLTA.

If I missed anything, you are welcome to please comment below with additional LATINO -RELEVANT TREATMENTS.

Thank you, and I hope everyone’s pre-existing conditions act up.


@MexicanMitt Romney

Mount Rainier photograph by Michael Russell Photography