Florida Burning: Will Trayvon’s ‘killer’ go to jail or get cop job?

Trayvon Martin (family photo) was killed for 'walking while black'

(PNS reporting from LA FLORIDA) Local police have reluctantly transferred  the investigation of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin at the White Knights gated community to the State Attorney’s Office.

The state will now determine if George Zimmerman, the Sanford-area neighborhood watch captain accused of killing Martin, will be charged with a crime or simply hired by the Sanford Police Department he wanted so much to join.

According to Sanford police, Zimmerman, a white male and captain of the W.K.N.W., (White Knights Neighborhood Watch,) admitted that he shot and killed Martin because “he looked black.” Due to local racist tradition, police say that’s usually a justifiable homicide in Florida “especially in white gated communities.”

Sanford police told PNS that on the evening of Febuary 26, Zimmerman had just finished constructing a giant wooden cross and had planned to ignite it when he noticed something “suspicious” in his neighborhood – a black teenager walking down the road.

Dressed in his ceremonial white robe and riding his trusty scooter, Zimmerman pursued Martin and called 9-1-1 to report Florida code 392.4(e) or “walking while black in a white neighborhood.

Zimmerman was told to “stand down” and wait for police to bring in tear gas, fire hoses, dogs and tasers, but instead, Zimmerman followed Martin and shot him to death in the middle of the street.

Zimmerman told police on scene that the shooting was in self-defense and cited Martin’s skin color as “threatening” and “too dark” to be in a white gated community. Police responded to Zimmerman’s explanation with a job application.

Several reports have surfaced about Zimmerman’s troubled past, such as his aggressive tactics as neighborhood watch captain, suspected involvement with the local KKK  and battery on a police officer (charges dropped) but Sanford police have repeatedly stated that they think Zimmerman is just the kind of person they would like to hire.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee told PNS that they have little evidence to refute Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense and cited items found on Martin’s body to be “dangerous”.

“In this case, Mr. Zimmerman has made the statement of self-defense. Who are we to question that? That black boy had Skittles and iced tea – I bet you liberal types ain’t know them two ingredients can makes bombs did ya? We ain’t seen no wrong doin’ so let them state boys try if they want. We’d sure like have that Zimmerman boy on our force though,” Lee said.

The state attorney’s office released this statement on the transfer:

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger recognizes that Trayvon Martin and his family, interested persons, and the public-at-large are entitled to justice, but this is Florida. Down here, things are different.  Did anyone bother following the Casey Anthony trial? In this state you have the right to defend yourself against people carrying candy and soft drinks. We intend to make a mockery of justice and paint this state in a light that will make Arizona seem like Disneyland.

Angry Floridian S. J. Rivera is an Indie Publisher/Author @ Broken Sword Publications

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