Hate Letter of the Day: Dear Lala, you racist hypocrite


Mexicans and Anglo Americans are exactly alike. You are just as racist Mejicanoh, oh wait, I mean, Chicano… Meixcan American… I forget, you don’t consider yourselves Mexican… or do you. You MeCHA Aztlanersss get me all confused. Or wait, you don’t consider yourselves Latino but rather.. MESSICAN!

ANYWAYS… so, as I was saying, you share the same RACIST views, in fact, you’re no different than right wing Caucasian Americans, whom at least are upfront about their racism and xenophobia, you’re more aligned with Liberal Democrats whom subversively are racist.

And I don’t know if you’ve taken a close look at your own photos homie, but you look VERY EUROPEAN and miserable. Tired, old and evil, rotten from inside… but it buys you Argentinian wine and fancy cheese, oh so very… hypocritical and gentrifier like. Oh but wait, you’re a Chicano!

And you’re apparently giving SOCIAL studies lectures! How… how MALDEF of you.

If only that brother there, the African American in that one photo would realize, and wake up, that Mexicans are racially cleansing the neighborhoods and cities of them… you Lala, are fff hypocrite. And it’s not just you.

You and the right wing and liberal Anglos, you meaning Mexicans… and Chicano’s… are a trifecta of hypocrisy and hate.

YET you have the temerity to act as if you represent all of Latin Ethnicities when in fact Mexico/Mexicans… and Chicanos, have ethnic hatred against Central Show-meWebAmericans and IN MEXICO they abuse, human rights violate deport, single out for mass graves, gang rape, the list goes on and on – Central Americans. MExican Hypocrisy. But I bet your media caucasian guilt ridden friends don’t know that… they just look at a guy that looks exactly like them… and thats enough for them.

How dare you hold up a propaganda sign and use the image of Geronimo in an obvious REVISITING of history manner. What is this dude talking about?

Geronimo in that image, holding that rifle, he was pointing it at you, your ancestors homie – Mexicans had killed his family, HIS APACHE TRIBE for no reason, other than to cleanse them and do what YOU MEXICANS say “White Europeans” did to the indigenous – Mexico was engaging in killing off the Indigenous First Nation tribes you hypocrites!

Y lo se por que soy Latino. The rest of Latino’s know your only interest in the Murrieta and other Central AMerican deportations is because of what you as Mexicans can further in your agenda.

Delete that homie. But it will stay with you.


Screengrab from Weird Al Yankovic’s excellent new video