Hey, Hollywood! Peep your next Pocho Ocho Latino TV blockbusters

In an effort to capture the growing Latino audience, Grammy-winning producer Emilio Estefan (better known for marrying Gloria Estafan), will be producing a Latino-themed TV drama. Estafan hopes to create a show that will attract a Latino audience without “demeaning roles.

Good luck Emilio! There’s no better example of Latino pride than El Chavo del Ocho!

Here are our suggested top eight Latino-themed tv dramas:

8. Dos Mujeres, Un Doctor Who – A handsome Time Lord battles evil MIGRA robots while forced to choose between two sexy companions.
7. Frijole & Isles – (pero que? son patas?)
6. Mariachi Medium – A man has visions of violent crimes while playing the tuba in shiny pants.
5. Law & Joder – Just like the American police procedural but with a lot more bribery.
4. Twin Picos – Loosely based on the David Lynch murder mystery but more about dancing midgets and busty women.
3. Buffy la Fea – A brilliant but ugly vampire slayer battles a different kind of undead corpse: fashion executives.
2. Queer as Nadie – Because los gays don’t exist.

And the numero uno Latino-themed tv drama is…

Mad Menudo: In modern day Colombia, a drunken crew of womanizing ad agents hopes to find the cure for hangovers.