Looking to get lucky on ZOOSK? Fill your dating profile with guacamole!

Looking for love with the dating app ZOOSK? That’s why God created aguacates y guacamole! Members with guacamole in their dating profiles got 142% more inbound messages than other would-be lovers.

ZOOSK reports:

“…We analyzed 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages to find out how mentioning different foods and food-related phrases changes online daters’ romantic interactions. In addition, we also surveyed over 7,000 singles to get some insight into how food and dating intersect.

And what we found? In many ways, we are what we eat. Food preferences do have an impact on how we interact with each other romantically. And for the most part, any time food and romance come together it’s very positive.

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