TACO THE TOWN: Idiot CT mayor defends cops against racism charges

Pop quiz: Say you’re the mayor of East Haven, CT and you wouldn’t know the meaning of STFU even if someone dropped a dumpster-full of it on your head from 90 stories up.

A TV reporter asks for comment after the FBI busted four of your police officers on charges they acted like “bullies with badges,” beating up, harrassing and lying about Latinos – who make up 10% of your citizenry.

How do you promise you’ll reach out to your Latino community? Wait – you’re gonna what? Dig yourself into a bottomless hole like a meth-addicted Marine on a Red Bull bender under heavy machine gun fire? Okay – hang on a sec, we need to grab some popcorn and a couple of beers.

To his (microscopic) credit, Idiot Supreme Mayor Joseph “I might have tacos for dinner” Maturo did apologize. So – he’s cool now, right?

Actually, um, no:

Hartford mayor Pedro Segarra was quoted as saying, “”Many have worked diligently to correct the painful history of racism in this country, and Mayor Maturo’s comments are a disappointing example of how far we still have to go to.”

The chairman of East Haven’s Democratic party called for Maturo to resign.

Junta for Progressive Action issued this statement condemning the police and their dolt-in-chief.

And finally – (and this is our favorite response of all): Reform Immigration for America is asking people to text TACO to 69866 – and for every text they receive, they will send a taco to Maturo on Thursday.

Did you get that? Text “TACO” to 69866.

We’re predicting they’ll burn out every snowplow in the City of East Haven just clearing away the carne asada.