Ñewsweek: Hectors and actors and commentators oh my

Screenshot of Mexican Mitt Romney music video

POCHO’s ñews team started the week in glossy Hollyweird and ended up scraping the crap off their shoes near Rush Limbaugh’s headquarters in La Floridita, but the big story of the week was the release of Mexican Mitt Romney’s music video/camapaign commercial.

Will the GOP wannabe  become the nation’s first Latino president? And why does his MittShake bring all the viejas to yard?  You’ll have to watch and figure it out yourself!

The Academy Awards were just around the corner from installation artist Ramiro Gomez Jr. so he made sure the neighborhood got to see normally-invisible Latino elements of the star-making machinery  with a poignant installation on Hollywood Boulevard.

MR. POCHO had a dream about what he’d like to see on the silver screen and La Cucaracha offered his own thoughts on the yearly extravaganza.

But why watch other people pass out awards when you can pass out your own? We introduced POCHO’s First Annual Hector Awards for Excellence in Mockability.

We also exposed the U.S. Federales’ plan to parachute drop deported Mexicans directly onto their casitos on El Otro Lado and found  the one Chicana who hasn’t seen ‘Blood In Blood Out’.

The week ended with a cartoon look at whether piggish commentator Rush Limbaugh  really stands on the high moral ground needed to call someone a prostitute.