Pocho Ocho top ways to tell Spring has esprung

Spring began at 7:02 EDT this morning as the Northern Hemisphere marked the Vernal Equinox. But if you’re not looking at a calendar, how would you know? Here are the pocho ocho best ways to tell that Spring has sprung:

8. Muslim Brotherhood now wears sundresses to Arab Spring protests and violent crackdowns

7. Hunger-striking Guantanamo Bay prisoners are working on their tans

6. Jan Brewer goes wild in Baja with the sorority sisters of Kappa Kappa Kappa

5.  Side of the road naranja sellers now flashing more side boob

4. Republicans abandon old, itchy wooly racism for new racism in bright Spring colors and lighter fabrics

3. New porn video April Golden Showers, May Golden Flowers debuts in stores

2. Republican Congressman lighter in the loafers than usual

And the numero uno way you can tell that Spring has esprung is…

Commandante El Presidente Hugo Chavez, while still dead, has begun pushing up Bolivarian Spring daisies

‘Springtime’ Painting by Charles-Amable Lenoir