Political Science: How a bill becomes a law (toons, video)

How A Bill Becomes A Law CartoonLast week, the Republican-uncontrolled House of Representatives failed to pass a minimal spending bill to help with the unexpected crush of Central American refugees, adjourned, and then reconvened to approve a mean-spirited barebones measure that also would reverse President Obama’s DACA relief for DREAMers, and worse. Then they adjourned again.

Of course, the bill has no chance of passage in the Senate, let alone getting a Presidential signature.

Their obstructionist mission accomplished, the do-nothing pendejos left town for their summer hideouts in the rich white safety of their home districts.

Their Tea Party-twisted debates, however, left a lingering aroma over Capitol Hill, and it wasn’t Laspang Souchong.


SPOILER ALERT: The aroma was SHIT.


Poopy-mouthed Texas Congressman Steve Stockman set up the situation with this Tweet about those awful DREAMers:


And then, via The Washington Post, the GOP posse supplied their explosive finale:


The House debacle begged the perennial question: How does a bill become a law?





We can’t determine who originally created the top three toons which are circulating all over the Internets, but let us know if you know. The final toon is from Jeff Stahler of Go Comics. Go Comics also distributes POCHO Jefe Lalo Alcaraz’ La Cucaracha and editorial toons.

[Editor’s Note: The author, Comic Saenz, has a degree in Political Science from an actual Ivy League university, so you know everything here is factual and correct. Signed, Your Editor, Comic Saenz.]