Taco Tuesday Treats: Octotacos, sushitacos and greenteatacos (photos)

octopusTired of asada? Pollo getting old? Frijoles run outta gas? These Taco Tuesday Tokyo Treats may be the change of pace you’ve been looking for. On the other hand, maybe you’ll count your blessings.

RocketNews24 reports:

Dear Taco Bell Japan,

I’m writing this open letter to first welcome you back to Japan, but also to warn you of a great danger that lies ahead.

When you first announced you would open in Shibuya I was among those who felt that warm feeling of an old friend returning. And even though there were a few hiccups with your grand opening such as the lack of beans and “supreme court tacos” on your online menu, I had faith Taco Bell would rise to greatness in Japan.

However, since then we haven’t really heard much from your restaurant, and that worries me. So, I’d like to present you with five ideas for uniquely Japanese tacos that will not only appeal to the local crowd, but be eye-catching enough to make your brand a name to remember. I even went ahead and actually made and taste-tested them for you!

Octopus looks delicious, don’t you think?


Sushi tacos:



Green tacos made with green tea (matcha) tortillas:


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