Ancient Amazon Stonehenge discovered in Brazil jungle (video)

“Stonehenge!” sang the world’s loudest band, Spinal Tap. “‘Tis a magic place, where the moon doth rise with a dragon’s face. Stonehenge! Where the virgins lie, and the prayers of devils fill the midnight sky.” But no druids were harmed in the discovery of a Stonehenge-like structure in the Brazilian jungle.
The NYTimes reports:

CALÇOENE, Brazil — As the foreman for a cattle ranch in the far reaches of the Brazilian Amazon, Lailson Camelo da Silva was razing trees to convert rain forest into pasture when he stumbled across a bizarre arrangement of towering granite blocks.

Mas…Ancient Amazon Stonehenge discovered in Brazil jungle (video)

Lowriders to the Center of the Earth! (graphic novel video trailer)

Cathy Camper of PDX writes:

OK, I confess, I’m Lebanese American often mistaken for Latina, Native American, Jewish, terrorist…no one in the US knows who anyone is!

I wrote 2 graphic novels with Raúl III (Raúl Gonzalez) called Lowriders in Space (2014) and Lowriders to the Center of the Earth (just came out this summer, July 2016). Raúl illustrated them all in Bic pen, because that’s what kids draw with in school, right? The books are aimed at kids, but adults are loving them too.

Mas…Lowriders to the Center of the Earth! (graphic novel video trailer)

Mexclusive Sneak Peak: ‘Cochina’ (Chapter 1) by Jaime Martinez

jaimemartinezAuthor Jaime Martinez’s COCHINA (Amazon link) tells the story of “…sisters Marisol, Josephina and Lola, who have have defied every odd except one. Each of the beautiful women has achieved various levels of success that pulled them out of the projects into lavish living. Unfortunately, issues with men that reach all the way back to their teen years threaten to tear them apart. Secrets, envy and dishonesty nearly destroy them, but when dark deeds come to light and romances fizzle, their only solace is found in each other.”

Chapter One:
Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Mas…Mexclusive Sneak Peak: ‘Cochina’ (Chapter 1) by Jaime Martinez

Digital burritos just $18.99 @ Amazon! Free shipping tambien! (photos)

burritopouchadIf you’ve been looking for the perfect high-tech gift for your high-tech friend, your search is over. For a buck under $20, Amazon will ship a multi-burrito-colored Digital Burrito to your door.

What the heck, you may ask. A satisfied Amazon customer has your answer:

Anyone who sees this in class thinks I have an actual burrito on my desk. I use it as a pencil bag and it holds about 8 pens and pencils in the elective bands and I put my erasers in the little mesh pouch. Love it!

Mas…Digital burritos just $18.99 @ Amazon! Free shipping tambien! (photos)

Good news? Gold tops cocaine as Peru’s top illegal export (video)

Peru, the world’s largest producer of cocaine, has a new booming illicit business: gold, according to FUSION:

Illegal gold mining has surged in the South American country, the world’s fifth biggest gold exporter. A new Univision Investigative report shows that the criminal organizations that traffic illegal drugs have diversified and are now in the business of trading the precious metal.

Mas…Good news? Gold tops cocaine as Peru’s top illegal export (video)

Elise @Buttronica Roedenbeck reads Amazon product reviews (video)

Reading is hard. That’s why we’re happy to feature our MiJA, Elise Roedenbeck (she’s @Buttronica on the Twitter), reading customer reviews of products. Now you can sit back, chillax, watch and listen instead of trying to pick out the words, with all those darn letters. Today’s selection includes a dramatic reading of a review shared by the Starship Enterprise’ most festive officer, George Takei.


Mas…Elise @Buttronica Roedenbeck reads Amazon product reviews (video)

Amazon dinosaur hunt? What else could these pictographs be? (video)

ZOMG! Do these 5000-year-old pictographs show men chasing and spearing a sauropod dinosaur, ages after the giant reptiles’ alleged extinction? Does this mean the Biblical creation story is right and science is wrong? In this new Amazon rainforest video, Canadian “creationist” Vance Nelson is very impressed by a “secular” expert’s testimony, but he can’t get the expert to testify on camera.

Are the South American tribesmen chasing a huge alligator or is it something else? Is this “creationist” piling inference upon speculation to reach unwarranted conclusions to support his religious agenda? Our ancestors painted pictures of dragons and unicorns, too. Does that mean they existed as well?