Trump’s ‘Supply-Side Jesus’ will make America great again (video)

Donald Trump’s economic policies, unveiled yesterday in Detroit, would erase whatever meager protections we have left against out-of-control corporations, let polluters ruin our air, spoil our water, and boil our endangered planet, kill Obamacare, give rich people a tax break and ruin whatever progress we have made since George W. Bush and his Wall Street cronies caused the Great Recession.

How and why can the GOP justify this deluded douchebag’s proposals? It’s the Gospel of Supply-Side Jesus, as explained by now-Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.)

It’s ‘Christmastime for the Jews’ (Darlene Love SNL music video)

Diva Darlene Love’s classic rock operatic anthropological study of how non-Christians deal with/avoid/cope with the biggest (second biggest?) Christian holy day of the year.

Mas…It’s ‘Christmastime for the Jews’ (Darlene Love SNL music video)

Hey, honky! The origin of the world’s most heinous racial slur

POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz‘s recent article about the word gringo ignited a shitstorm of debate. White people came out of the woodwork to declare how they’ve been traumatized all these years because of it.

This got me thinking about racial slurs and how we use them in these oh-so-modern times. Rand Paul used the term chili-choking pepper bellies the other day when he was talking about immigration reform. What’s the gringo equivalent of a chili-choking pepper belly? Twinky-gagging sugar gut? Sounds stupid, right?

“You cornbread-gobbling butter stomach!”

Mas…Hey, honky! The origin of the world’s most heinous racial slur

Father Guido Sarducci: Afraid of poison, Pope Francis cooks own food

Vatican Correspondent for the Vatican Enquirer Father Guido Sarducci called in on Special Assignment Friday afternoon to the Pocho Hour of Power radio show on KPFK.

Father Sarducci, who we all first met on Saturday Night Live, gave a behind-the-velvet-robe look into the recent Papal Conclave in Rome. Hear him dish on the plans for The Pope Emeritus and hear what Pope name Father Sarducci himself would have taken, if called to higher service.

Holy smoke signal, this is funny!

Reagan Library releases rare video to mark Gipper’s 102nd birthday

The Ronald Reagan Library celebrated the 40th president’s 102nd birthday today by releasing this never-before-seen archival footage of Reagan in action during the height of the 1986 Iran-Contra Scandal.

Revered by neo-cons, ex-cons and decepticons as a doting old Weeble, Reagan is considered by many as the ultimate con. The Gipper’s birthday is celebrated in the United States, the Middle East and Central America as a National Day of Lying.

Mas…Reagan Library releases rare video to mark Gipper’s 102nd birthday

Darlene Love: ‘Christmas for the Jews’

Rock ‘n’ roll diva Darlene Love explains: All the goyyim disappear to gather round the fire but out on the town, and in Chinese restaurants, it’s Christmas for the Jews!


Can you donate $5 or $10 so we can make more ñews y satire?


SNL’s Amy Poehler champions the rights of domestic workers (video)

Funny former Saturday Night Live comedian Amy Poehler is down for Domestic Workers, and comes clean on something not many in the U.S. will admit:

She could not be the busy actress and mom that she is without her hard-working domestic help.

Poehler’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a call to action to petition to California Gov. Jerry Brown get him to sign the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. Our moms and tias and abuelas have worked hard for years and deserve humane and equitable treatment afforded to others.

You can support the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights by calling your state senator and Gov. Brown (916-445-2841) today. To learn mas, please visit

Mas…SNL’s Amy Poehler champions the rights of domestic workers (video)

POCHO remembers ñewsman Mike Wallace of CBS-TV’s ’60 Minutes’

Mike Wallace, iconic hard-hitting interviewer and 60 Minutes OG, died Sunday at 93.

For one classic story, Wallace went to China to track down the manufacturer of counterfeit American toys and ended up confronting a smarmy, chain-smoking attorney, Nathan Thurm, Esq. Thurm was not pleased.