mozquizPOCHO’s free ticket giveaway for the Mexrrissey all-age concert at the Regent Theater in DTLA inspired me to craft this list of the Pocho Ocho Top Ultimate Morrissey Trivia Quiz Questions.

Are You Moz Enough to Score 100%?

Do not even think about questioning my Moz Luv. I am on the TSA’s extra special handling list because of Morrissey.


I’ve got a problem with Dora the Explorer. I know you do too.

What the hell is the matter with television’s longest running bilingual toon whore?

This passive-aggressive little cow yells too much.

She asks a question, then waits silently for the answer while staring at you like a creep. I swear she can see me through the TV screen!

This unemployed bitch has been on air for almost 13 years now and she hasn’t figured out why her backpack is on acid and why her pet monkey stole her boots.

Ask the monkey, it fucking talks, dumbass! [Mas…]

A spoken word meditation on skin, hair, race, ethnicity, categories and stereotypes from Amani Hayes-Messinger. Since you were asking, she’s from Boston.


What did we ever do before the Google? Where did a poor pre-Googlite go to find out the big answers and the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything? Actually, we could Google that. But why even hypothesize? Google has the answers we want today and knows the questions we want to ask even before we ask them:

In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, Sen. John McCain still has “many many” unanswered questions. Even after a private meeting with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and acting CIA Director Michael Morell, McCain’s thirst for knowledge remains unquenched.

Here are the pocho ocho things he still needs to know:

8. Where is this Ben Ghazi fellow?
7. Who is responsible for this pudding?
6. Why hasn’t Ronald Reagan called me back? [Mas…]

8. Are you Puerto Rican?

7. Wow, you don’t even have an accent!

6. Huh? You don’t know how to make tamales? [Mas…]