Debate Drinking Game: Turn lame to LOLs with Arpaio Viejo™ Tequila

wokejokeMake tonight’s presidential debate extra especial with the POCHO Debate Drinking Game, sponsored by Arpaio Viejo™ Tequila.

Keep your eyes on the screen, stay alert and react swiftly! Life is chort!

Benghazi Chug a beer
Ben Gazzara One shot of Arpaio Viejo™
Obama’s Birth Certificate Two shots, beer back
9/11 Drink a Manhattan
Vladimir Putin Stolichnaya
Bring back American jobs Bing back a six-pack of Bud Light, drink, smash cans against head
Megyn Kelly Bloody Mary
Trump University Pitcher of beer, then puke in the alley behind the frat house
Build the wall Pulque
Crooked Hillary Drink your neighbor’s beer
Email Michelada
Taco trucks on every corner Briefly stop drinking, eat tacos
Moderator confronts Trump’s history of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, lies, and broken promises. Please get a doctor’s recommendation for the appropriate medication if available in your state or jurisdiction


Especial Correspondents Comic Saenz and Professor Equis contributed to this report.