Don’t cry for me Argentina: How NOT to make a taco! (video)

mexikoshertacoThis is HOW NOT MAKE A TACO … NO NO NO NO

Chef Katsuji Tanabe of Mexikosher got all indignant on his Facebook page, and he wasn’t the only one. Why so mad? It’s that darn Argentinian Chef Maru Botana and her how-to-make-a-taco video.

Argentine Chef Maru Botana Crucified On Twitter For Mocking Mexican Food was the headline in the “Latin Times,” an English-language website despite its name. Maria G. Valdez reporting [*Latin translation by Google below.]:

Drama, drama and more drama! Just recently, Argentine chef Maru Botana decided to take on her interpretation of a taco recipe, record it and post it on her website so her fans could add it to their cookbooks. But never in a million years would she have expected the massive backlash it got from Mexicans all over the world. People tore her apart on social media and on her own site, questioning her credibility as a chef and mocking her “tacos.” Many of them first ridiculed her and then gave their personal recipes, pointing out the million ways why Botana was wrong. However, looking at the video with a fresh set of eyes, before knowing that it was being torn apart by outraged defendants of Mexican cuisine, all she was trying to do was provide a fun way to make her kids eat vegetables.

But wait!

Maru Botana Indigna A Mexicanos Por Falsa Receta De Tacos, Gatu writes:

La única respuesta pública que dio la Maru Botana, sin disculpa de por medio, fue en Twitter, donde agradeció los videos que le enviaron sobre la utilización correcta de la maquinita tortillera.

“Que genios gracias por enseñarme, me la regalaron y nadie me explico”, escribió después de la catarata de mensajes de personas indignadas con una “receta” que sólo distorsiona una comida popular, base de la gastronomía mexicana.Lo que más ha causado indignación entre los mexicanos, es que pone directamente la maquina tortillera de metal al fuego, lo que hace evidene que la mujer no sabe utilizar este instrumento para fabricar tortillas a mano.

Here’s the video — could she possibly do more things WRONG?

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