Feds arrest ‘burrito-bomber’ who says CIA tapped his brain

(ALBUQUERQUE, NM) The Feds have arrested a man who allegedly threatened to detonate a bomb-filled burrito (artist’s conception, right) in the FBI office here, a man who has claimed that he was personally the subject of government spying.

His shocking accusation?

Uncle Sam AKA Tio Sam implanted brain-tapping equipment in his cabeza.

Brian DeMarco, 50, a resident of the Super 8 Motel off of Coors Boulevard, revealed to authorities that the government “placed a tracking device inside his head” in addition to “beaming photons.”

If confirmed, his allegation would dovetail perfectly with a POCHO Mexclusive story about how the National Security Agency (NSA) has outsourced surveillance of Americans in border states to the Mexican Security Agency (MSA.)

KRQE reports:

A federal affidavit says DeMarco first called an FBI phone line in West Virginia on Tuesday night saying he was going to send a burrito bomb to the Albuquerque FBI field office.

That was followed by a phone call the next morning to a Denver Department of Homeland Security office, saying he would blow up the Albuquerque Social Security office at 10 a.m. using a timer-detonated device.

The offices were evacuated but no explosives were found.

Federal agents traced the call to the Super 8 Motel where they caught up with DeMarco.

Investigators say he told them he was angry at the U.S. Government because he believed it had “placed a tracking device inside his head” in addition to “beaming photons into his head.”

He also told them he has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder.

DeMarco was detained and charged with making threats and creating a hoax.