In Pittsburgh, PA writers from Venezuela, El Salvador are free (audio)

Leftist loonies like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela don’t much like criticism or mockery (i.e., reality) so they throttle creative freedom.

Israel Centeno, who fled the Venezuelan Bolivarian socialist paradise, is among the exiled writers who have found a safe place to live and write in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Latino USA’s Erika Beras brings us the writers’ stories:


For a handful of dissident writers from all over the world, a colorful block in Pittsburgh has become home. Known as the “City of Asylum,” the block is lined with once-blighted houses that are provided to persecuted writers rent-free by a local non-profit. The project’s residents include exiled writers from China, Burma, El Salvador, and one writer from Venezuela (photo) who was harassed after writing a novel about an assassination attempt on the president.

Israel Centeno photo via Pittsburgh City Paper.