Pocho Ocho lesser-known effects of the Federal budget ‘sequester’

The “sequester” has already forced the release from detention of some accused undocumented immigrants. Now the budget cutbacks have started affecting  other aspects of American government.

Here are eight addtional changes you can expect:

8. The CIA will only poison leftist leaders with cancer on alternate Wednesdays

7. Government procurement contracts now cap toilet seats prices at $20,000

6. Senate expense accounts now limit lawmakers to three gay hooker visits per week

5. Guantanamo detainess must bring own water for waterboarding

4. The United States Army’s slogan will be revised to “Be point eight you can be”

3. Air Force drones now available for aerial advertising on weekends

2. While you can still get your kicks on Route 66, there is a $17 per person surcharge

And the numero uno other effect of the sequester is…

The border with Mexico  will not patrolled on Taco Tuesdays.