Pocho Ocho top reasons Child of the 60s The Donald is so Donald

trumpheadroomAfter POCHO’s Dennis Wilen AKA Comic Saenz finally came clean about his history with UPenn classmate Donald Trump, we’ve learned more about the events that turned a Child of the 60s into the bitter meng he is today.

Here are the Pocho Ocho Top Reasons Child of the 60s The Donald is so Donald:

8. Still heartbroken and resentful after the end of a passionate love affair with UPenn boyfriend, Afro-Mexican exchange student Mumia Abu-Fuentes.

7. Childhood backyard “fort” overrun by kids playing “Viet Cong.”

6. Kicked out of Wharton School MEChA for attempted “firing” of Cesar Chavez.

5. Philadelphia crosstown collegiate rivalry with Temple University’s Bill Cosby for Most Brotherly Love has never ended.

4. Personally-devasting loss of Pluto as a planet inspired quest to meet Miss Universe before he died.

3. If the DREAM Act looks too strong, you must whip it.

2. He’s not only a client, he’s the president.

And the Numero Uno Top Reason Child of the 60s The Donald is so Donald is…

We shall overcomb.

Correspondents Lalo Alcaraz and Professor Equis contributed to this report.