Lay’s Potato Chips: Now with more racism! (1966 video)

Actor Bert Lahr — the Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz — plays both Christopher Columbus and a stereotyped Native American in this 1966 commercial for Lay’s Potato Chips. At least the Frito-Lay company recognized that taters are “local vegetation” before calling their hosts “Indian Givers.”

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The few, the brave, the greedy: THE CORPORINES! (PSA)

Are you brave enough? Strong enough? Willing to fight to protect the profits of the rich and powerful? Consider signing up with newest branch of the service: THE CORPORINES! Active combat deployments available now in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Neil Young vs the Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘Indian Givers’ (video,lyrics)

OG activist Neil Young stands up for the Standing Rock Sioux and against the Dakota Access Pipeline in this new song and video — Indian Givers.

The lyrics include the story of Dale “Happy” American Horse Jr., a Native activist who was busted after chaining himself to a digger machine at the site.

Mira los lyrics:

Mas…Neil Young vs the Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘Indian Givers’ (video,lyrics)