Lay’s Potato Chips: Now with more racism! (1966 video)

Actor Bert Lahr — the Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz — plays both Christopher Columbus and a stereotyped Native American in this 1966 commercial for Lay’s Potato Chips. At least the Frito-Lay company recognized that taters are “local vegetation” before calling their hosts “Indian Givers.”

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The few, the brave, the greedy: THE CORPORINES! (PSA)

Are you brave enough? Strong enough? Willing to fight to protect the profits of the rich and powerful? Consider signing up with newest branch of the service: THE CORPORINES! Active combat deployments available now in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Neil Young vs the Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘Indian Givers’ (video,lyrics)

OG activist Neil Young stands up for the Standing Rock Sioux and against the Dakota Access Pipeline in this new song and video — Indian Givers.

The lyrics include the story of Dale “Happy” American Horse Jr., a Native activist who was busted after chaining himself to a digger machine at the site.

Mira los lyrics:

Mas…Neil Young vs the Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘Indian Givers’ (video,lyrics)

Native American population almost back to pre-Columbian levels

nativeamericanpopulationSamuel W. Bennett’s GET DATA website features charts/graphs and infographics about current events, sports, news, culture, and history. We thought this log-scale graph of the native (in red, of course) and white population in the U.S. was fascinating, sad, and maybe, just maybe, encouraging.

His description:

After disease and war decimated the Native American population from an estimated pre-Columbian 5 million to a low of a few hundred thousand in the late 1800s, the American Native American population has recently approached the pre-Columbian population. The…figure shows that the population of American Native Americans from 1492 to present.

His chart that ranks Tolerance, Racism and Xenophobia in the United States shows we’re lots more tolerant than some other countries, but still have big-ass problems with gays, immigrants and “foreign languages,” not that this is news to us.

Mas…Native American population almost back to pre-Columbian levels