Luchador Peatonito is Mexico City’s ‘Defender of Pedestrians’ (video)

In Mexico City, a superhero luchador fights for the rights of pedestrians.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

If you ever get stuck in gridlock at an intersection in this crowded capital city, you can’t expect help from a street cop. But you might try “Peatónito,” the protector of pedestrians who dresses as a Mexican wrestler.

When a car blocks a crosswalk, from out of nowhere appears Peatónito (“little pedestrian” in Spanish), in a cape and wrestler’s mask. He stands directly in front of the car and tries to push it back with his bare hands—often to the astonishment of the drivers. If a motorbike is parked on the sidewalk blocking the way, Peatónito lifts it up and puts it on the curb where it belongs.

Mas…Luchador Peatonito is Mexico City’s ‘Defender of Pedestrians’ (video)

Japanese city council bans masked councilman ‘Skull Reaper A-Ji’

A storm is percolating in the southern Japanese city of Oita, where a politician a la Santo Enmascarado refuses to take off his luchador mask in order to attend city council meetings.

The council members are prohibiting newly-elected Skull Reaper A-Ji from participating in city business unless he is unmasked. Reaper A-Ji refuses to give into the demand, explaining that without his mask he is someone else.

Mas…Japanese city council bans masked councilman ‘Skull Reaper A-Ji’

You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do you ‘feel locky’? (video)

Se hacen llaves (Feeling locky): After a long day at work, Misifús Godínez just wants to go home and rest. Nevertheless, a broken key and a peculiar locksmith will stand in the way for peace. (Después de un largo día de trabajo, Misifús Godínez solo quiere llegar a su casa a descansar. Sin embargo, no contaba con que una llave rota y un cerrajero muy peculiar se interpondrán entre él y su tranquilidad.)

Ñewsweek: Ostriches attack, burritos offend and chickens go gay

It was an ordinary day in an ordinary Mexican convenience store and recorded in grainy black and white by an ordinary surveillance video camera. And then the masked luchador entered – with a posse of ostriches.

This POCHO ñewsweek featured the Florida burritos with offensive names, chicken culture war hawk Col. Sanders’s statement on gay marriage and a chance for you to join Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz’s personal campaign to help the survivors of the Anaheim police department’s trigger-happy cops. Here are the links:

Mas…Ñewsweek: Ostriches attack, burritos offend and chickens go gay

La Llorona + El Chupacabra + Pachuco Luchador = ‘El Güey’ (video)

It’s everything you want in a movie! All your favorite characters in ONE SHORT TRAILER! The plot:

La Llorona is on trial, accused of killing her children, but she maintains they were stolen by El Chupacabra (who is also an evil narcotraficante.) Can pachuco luchador El Güey come to her rescue?

There’s a great news video about the production but we can’t embed it, so click here for a Lone Star Scene report from the Austin, TX movie set.

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero: Good vs evil, plus a little kid (video)

The late, “despicable” wrestling pocho Eddie Guerrero insists opponent Rey Mysterio seat his son Dominic Mysterio ringside — so the son will witness Guerrero’s trimumph over his dad, up close and personal. Will Mysterio be so pre-occupied with his son’s safety that he’ll lose focus and let Guerrero’s distraction trick work its evil magic?

Evil wrestling superstar Eddie Guerrero? Wikipedia has the deets:

Mas…Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero: Good vs evil, plus a little kid (video)

Epic video announcement: Luchador ♥ POCHO

¡Hola!  The POCHO management team is hustling for our January 2nd re-launch.  As you will see from our launch promo video, we didn’t have a lot of time to audition many spokes-avatars.  At least he gets the point across, sort of.  POCHO is launching and we are looking forward to bringing you the freshest & sassiest News y Satire when it does.  Meantime, check out our Facebook page and sign up for our mailing list so you can keep up with us.

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