Pope to ditch red slippers on retirement, switch to botas picudas

(PNS reporting from VATICAN CITY) Retiring Pope Benedict XVI is ditching the traditional red slippers (he wears size VIII) when he leaves the papacy and is switching to pointy boots (botas picudas) he got in Mexico, according to news reports.

Chicago’s La Raza (via Google Translate) has the story:

Pope loves shoes that gave her artisans in Mexico in March 2012 during his apostolic visit to the State of Guanajuato and considers them so comfortable that continue to use even after his resignation.

During a press conference the spokesman of the headquarters of the Catholic Church, Federico Lombardi, confirmed that from next Thursday, February 28 at 20:00 local time (19:00 GMT), the pontiff will no longer use the traditional colored shoes Red.

“The Pope is thrilled with the shoes that have been donated in Leon while traveling in Mexico and will continue using them because they are very comfortable and very comfortable,” he said.

“This seems like a nice detail, especially since Leon artisans were very proud of this gift. Whoever was in Mexico recalls that Leon is famous, among other things, the production of footwear,” he added.

Lombardi insisted that Joseph Ratzinger seen those shoes and that has to continue to use them even during their time of retirement.


Botas photo by obedms. Pope shoes photo via CookingASnook.

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