stilllifewithskullLatinos age slower — and live longer — than other ethnic groups in America, according to a new study from the University of California, Los Angeles. Why? Their blood ages more slowly.

The Daily Mail reports:

Scientists refer to the phenomenon as the ‘Hispanic paradox’, since Latinos typically have higher rates of diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

But according to researchers at UCLA, the ethnic group is unequivocally healthier, lives longer than others, and has cells that take much longer to age.

Experts claim the findings, published in the current issue of Genome Biology, could help unlock how to delay slowing for all ethnic groups.


trumpbridgeIn competitive bridge, where card players employ a “no trump” game, the real world “yes Trump” manifestation is causing players to become “subtly deranged,” researchers reported on Friday.

Or maybe not. StatNews reports: [Mas…]

In the first study of its kind, the American Jewish Committee has taken a comprehensive look at the Americans who claim both a Latino and Jewish identity – all 200,000 of them.

Religion News Service reports:

As a group, Jewish Latinos don’t get much attention — either from Jews or Latinos in the U.S. [Mas…]

codexWant to live longer? It’s easy, according to the BBC. Eat more chiles! Specifically, the BBC recommends “chillies,” and we’ll do them a favour and labour under their rules whilst minding the gap:

For thousands of years, humans have taken a masochistic pleasure from adding chilli to their food. Now research indicates that the spice that has undoubtedly made our lives more interesting may also make them longer.

There is only one mammal that enthusiastically eats chillies. [Mas…]

The more you use the Internets, the more likely you are to lose your religion, according to a new study.

NPR explains:

America is less religious than ever before. The number of Americans who reported no religious affiliation has been growing rapidly, doubling since 1990. That kind of rapid change matches another societal trend — growth in Internet use. The percentage of Americans who say they used the Internet went from nearly zero in 1990 to 87 percent this year.

Now, a detailed data analysis finds the two trends aren’t just related, but that wider Internet use may actually be leading us to lose our religion. [Mas…]

* An interview with the University of Oxford butt fat researcher [Updated 7:45 PM PDT Nov. 2, 2013.]

vander(PNS reporting from ENGLAND) Scientists at the University of Oxford have uncovered evidence that women with big butts are not only the most intelligent, but also the most resistant to chronic illnesses.

The study examined the fat accumulated in different parts of a woman’s body, and found that women with a phat ass were less likely to get diabetes, since they are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.

What’s more, women with big booties tended to have lower levels of cholesterol and fewer heart problems, according to the study.

We translated the Fafhoo Noticas report:

Women with a big butt, wide hips and a narrow waist can live longer, and even be more intelligent, since the Omega 3 fats stored in their butts support brain development.


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A University of Glasgow team of experimental psychologists blended thousands of faces together to reveal what the typical woman’s face looks like in 41 different countries from around the globe: If you were described as average-looking, you probably wouldn’t see it as a compliment. But perhaps you would be happy if you looked like any […]


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(PNS reporting from MEXICO) In news that sent copious ripples across the border belt, a study released this week reports that Mexico has surpassed the U.S. as the fattest country in the world. The revelation infuriated Republican leaders, who saw it as another sign that America is losing its leadership edge in the international arena. “First […]


New study: Racists are less likely to understand satire

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(PNS reporting from DIXIE) In a groundbreaking study just released by Atlanta’s Center for Brain Development Place, scientists have found that the more racist an individual is the less likely he or she is to comprehend satire. In the controversial study, published in Totally Not Made Up Magazine last week, participants were asked to read […]


@MexicanMitt Romney: I’m prepped y ready for Debate Number Juan

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I AM TANNED, RESTED AND READY. AND MORE TANNED. AJUA! I have been preparing all night for my debate against BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Tonight there will be A LOT OF JUAN ON JUAN MASTERDEBATING. I will right ALL THE LEFT-LEANING POLLS with my victory! I will completely dominate, not LIKE A BOSS, but LIKE A […]


Pocho Ocho things those darn kids are doing instead of playing outside

by Elise Roedenbeck June 13, 2012 Cultura
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According to a recent study, only six percent of Latino kids regularly play outdoors. So, if they’re not outside “enjoying” nature, what are those darn kids doing now? 8. Usando el Fiesbook. 7. Reading Erí Potter books. 6. Creating top-secret taco recipes they will never share with gringos.