House Speaker Paul Ryan reveals GOP’s health care plan (photo)

(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON, DC) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., revealed the GOP’s proposed Obamacare replacement Tuesday.


I went to Trump Tower, the Belly of the Beast (videos, photos)

Hi. It’s me, Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz.

I just capped a week of touring the East Coast speaking at Harvard University’s Beyond Tomorrow arts conference and a presentation at LatinoJustice PRDLEF (the legal nonprofit where Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor once defended Boricua rights) with a visit to The Eastern White House, Trump Tower.

I was joined by my NYC sherpa, Jeronimo  Saldaña, creator of the MAKE MEXICO GREAT AGAIN hats, when we foolish ventured into the Golden Toilet that is Donald Trump’s supervillain lair.

Outside, we encountered heavy security, including barricades, NYPD wagons and four or more combat-armed Secret Service agents as doormen, and many more inside. After going through metal and bomb detector security, the guard told me, “This is the Secret Service. We don’t mess around.”

Mas…I went to Trump Tower, the Belly of the Beast (videos, photos)

Donald Trump, John Lewis and MLK Day (video, toon, photo)

In 1991, Public Enemy‘s epic By the Time I Get to Arizona spotlighted the Hate State of Arizona’s failure to implement the Martin Luther King Day national holiday.

Contrast and compare with PEE-OTUS Donald Trump’s weekend Twitter attack on civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, draw the necessary conclusions, and prepare to take appropriate action:

Mas…Donald Trump, John Lewis and MLK Day (video, toon, photo)

What is it? Huge 3-fingered ‘alien’ hand found in Peru (videos, photos)

First the Peruvians found an elongated unearthly skull. And now comes an astonishing new discovery: A strange, huge, 3-fingered hand.

MysteriousUniverse reports:

Less that two months after the revelation of the discovery in Peru of a tiny humanoid head comes another strange finding that is less humanoid and more alien-like. The hand has only three long fingers – no thumb – and has other strange characteristics that make its identity difficult. Does it belong to an alien who can no longer give its buddies a high-three? Are elongated fingers a sign the being also had an elongated skull?

Mas…What is it? Huge 3-fingered ‘alien’ hand found in Peru (videos, photos)

Are you in Tokyo? All-you-can-eat tacos for under $9 (photos)

tokyo1An all-you-can-eat taco bar is open for business in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, according to English-language RocketNews24.

Pollo of some sort, puerco, lechuchga, queso, cebolla, cilantro, guacamole and “salsa sauce” are waiting for you just a few blocks from Shibuya’s famed Scramble Crossing intersection at TexMex Factory. Cheap, too — a mere ¥1000 ($8.62 yesterday).

Mas…Are you in Tokyo? All-you-can-eat tacos for under $9 (photos)

John F. Kennedy in Houston and Dallas, TX November 21-22, 1963


Tina Adame couldn’t stop smiling hours after meeting President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

The First Couple surprised Mexican American guests at a LULAC gala in Houston, and Tina went over every detail to anyone who listened the next morning at the engineering firm where she worked.

The president spoke about the importance of Hispanics in the country, she said. Then, Jackie addressed the crowd in Spanish. “It was magical,” Tina recalled.

Her boss, a Kennedy critic, overheard her talking about the visit to co-workers. “So, you got close to the president?” he asked. “Did you shoot him?”

Mas…John F. Kennedy in Houston and Dallas, TX November 21-22, 1963

RIP y QDEP: Ramón ‘Chunky’ Sanchez, pocho hero of San Diego

lalo_chunky_sanchezI was sad to hear that San Diego and Barrio Logan Chicano icon Ramón “Chunky” Sanchez passed away Friday at the age of 65.

Born in 1951 in Blythe, California, Chunky learned to play music from his family, and lived his childhood as a migrant farmworker. He left the farm he worked with his father soon after hearing the owner tell his dad that Chunky would make a great foreman when he was gone.

He decided to go to college, and eventually landed at San Diego State. Chunky and his brother Ricardo’s band Los Alacranes Mojados were a fixture when I was a MEChista at San Diego State; I can’t tell you how many events they played for us and for the entire movimiento.

Mas…RIP y QDEP: Ramón ‘Chunky’ Sanchez, pocho hero of San Diego

You Are There: Donald Trump Rally in Albuquerque (photos, videos)

handsoffIn more or less chronological order, here are my live Tweets from today’s Donald Trump campaign rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico….

Mas…You Are There: Donald Trump Rally in Albuquerque (photos, videos)

The phony foundation of Trump’s proposed border wall (photos,video)

lalotrumpwallWhen Donald Trump meets with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto today, one topic of discussion is sure to be the orange man’s proposed wall on the US-Mexico border.

There will never be a pinche border wall.

“Donald Trump is not a builder,” according to an actual engineer who studied this BS idea.

“Donald Trump could not build a doghouse. Donald Trump is a developer who pays what he would call ‘very, very smart people’ to build things on his behalf,” he notes.

“…The challenge of Trump’s border wall is not technical, but logistical. The leap in complexity between ‘building a wall’ and ‘building a 2,000-mile-long continuous border wall in the desert’ is about equal to the gap between ‘killing a guy’ and ‘waging a protracted land war’…. human beings have built a 2,000-mile-long frontier wall exactly one time. Once. And it was accomplished only through a centuries-long building campaign that necessitated the forced labor of millions of Chinese peasants.”

The engineer goes by Ali F. Rhuzkan — it’s a pen name. Sounds foreign, doesn’t it?

Ali F. even drew up some plans:

Mas…The phony foundation of Trump’s proposed border wall (photos,video)

What is it? UFO/OVNI photo’d over San Antonio high school (photos)

78312_submitter_file3__imageHave the Space Brothers come to straighten out a screwed-up America and an especially messed-up Lone Star State? Were they here Monday?

Photos submitted to MUFON sure show something strange in the skies over a San Antonio high school named after the racist traitor Robert E. Lee. [All photos are minimized on this page. Click on an image to biggify.]

Here’s what the eyewitness/photographer reported to the Mutual UFO Network, and all of his photos:

Mas…What is it? UFO/OVNI photo’d over San Antonio high school (photos)

Abstenganse de molestar! We are not pendejos! (photo)

estehogar“It’s Proselyte Week here in Orange Aztlán,” POCHO’s anonymous Orange County photographic contributor emailed Wednesday. He put this sign on the front door of his Anaheim townhouse.

“Person after person is coming to ask whether we’ve found Jesus (“¿Ya se les extravió Jesús otra vez?! Qué descuidados son los cristianos con su salvador…”), to try and tell us Trump is more than just a bloviating human camote, to sell crappy chocolates for dubious fundraising efforts, etc. This sign has only been up for a few hours, but so far no one has knocked.”