Pocho Ocho things to eat that are way worse for you than bacon

fryingbaconanimatedBacon is makin’ news because a questionably-reported study says the hot and salty candy can cause cancer – or not. They say we had to ditch the bacon, but we said, “No! No! No!”

That’s because there are Pocho Ocho Top Things You Can Eat That Are Way Worse Than Bacon:

8. Bush™  special frijoles — THE BROWN ONES™ — now with 25% more nepotism! [Editor’s Note: Our sources tell us this product may not be on the market much longer. Choose wisely.]

7. Uncle Ben Carson’s Tacos de Seso

6. Ferguson’s Gelato – You’ll be screaming, “Hands up! Don’t scoop!”

Mas…Pocho Ocho things to eat that are way worse for you than bacon

Coming Soon: Attack of the 14-Year-Old Black Girl!

texaspoliceComing soon from McKinney, Texas Police Productions, it’s the next summer horror science fiction cop flick, Attack of the 14-Year-Old Black Girl!

A frightening teen girl in a bikini terrorizes the police force of a small Texas suburb, making them respond with excessive force and brutality reserved only for the worst of America’s swimming thugs!

Who will protect our nation’s pool parties from this monster? Rated R for Racist!

Featuring Emma Stone as the Asian Neighbor.

Mas…Coming Soon: Attack of the 14-Year-Old Black Girl!

I killed that African-American kid in self defense (1876 toon)

This editorial cartoon, In Self-Defense, by cartoonist A. B. Frost, ran in Harper’s Weekly on October 28, 1876, on page 880.

The HarpWeek blog explains:

This image dramatically condemns the brutal racism of some white Southerners against blacks. The white man has killed a black child, and his plea of “self-defense” exemplifies the perspective among Southern whites that Reconstruction had led to “black rule.” The cartoon appeared just a few weeks before the presidential election.

Tia Lencha’s Cocina: My heart is so broke, I make Heartbreak Buñuelos

bunuelosHola. Is Tia Lencha here. My heart is broke. I no have a novio anymore. My comadre say there is something wrong with all the mens on the Google. Is true. In this case, I wasn’t enough of a man for him. Oh gwell.

I oso a little heartbreak because my carro (thas car for ju pochos) die. My comadre say that only my luck gwith mens is worser than my luck gwith carros.

Oso, I am very heart break because of the 43 estudents that got kill and throwed away in Mexico.

Then I saw Mijo look sad jesterday and ask him what wrong. He say that he is sad because the police who kill Michael Brown and Eric Garner got out for free. He say this country is no the country of freedom if black mens cannot gwalk the streets without getting kill.

Mas…Tia Lencha’s Cocina: My heart is so broke, I make Heartbreak Buñuelos

Ask A Mexican: Why should we care about Ferguson? (NSFW video)

gustavohandsGustavo ¡Ask A Mexican! Arellano recalls America’s history of police brutality against people of color in his latest video: Why Mexicans Should Care About Michael Brown and Ferguson. The author and editor (OC Weekly) reprises a 2007 toon from POCHO Jefe Lalo Alcaraz to prove his point. One additional pregunta, though: Is Gustavo’s hoodie fashion forward, rain gear or a political statement? [NSFW F-bomb.]

Mas…Ask A Mexican: Why should we care about Ferguson? (NSFW video)

RATM’s Tom Morello: ‘Marching On Ferguson’ (NSFW audio)

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) writes:

I’ve witnessed countless incidents of racially motivated police brutality in my lifetime and it’s time to say ‘Enough!’ in the name of all those wrongfully killed and abused. For all the courageous men and women raising their voices against injustice in ‪#‎Ferguson‬, and beyond, give ’em hell. This song is for you. [NSFW adult language.]


Mas…RATM’s Tom Morello: ‘Marching On Ferguson’ (NSFW audio)

Prosecutor says ‘spirit of Porfirio Diaz’ guided Ferguson grand jury

diazprosecutor(PNS reporting from FERGUSON, MO) St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch credits the ghost of notorious 19th Century Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz with the legal theory that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute killer cop Darren Wilson.

In an interview with PNS Sunday, McCulloch said the ghost of Diaz visited him in a dream and provided legal advice on handling the Wilson grand jury, the official body investigating the shooting death of unarmed college student Michael Brown.

Mas…Prosecutor says ‘spirit of Porfirio Diaz’ guided Ferguson grand jury