They came, on Saturday, they saw, and they were escorted out, as the home team chanted “fuera”… Once again.

Attempting to re- ignite the alt-right revolution with greasy pizza, local hater Roger Ogden and the Border Town Patriots, Inc. (sic) came down to San Diego’s Chicano Park to host “Patriot Picnic 2.0” promising to bring in a large number of supporters — all 25 of them — to stand up against the hundreds from the Chicano Park Autodefensa.

Unlike their response during the first confrontation last October, San Diego Police Department closed Logan Avenue and placed barricades, insuring that both “Patriots” and Autodefensa members remained separate (keeping the “Patriots” enclosed for a few hours until once again escorted out by SDPD). [Mas…]

In 1998, LA’s Kid Frost (Arturo Molina, Jr) and Mexican punk rappers Tijuana No teamed up for a history lesson about the so-called border imposed on Aztlan by the force of arms. SPOILER: We’re gonna get it back! [NSFW F-bombs.]

Mira los lyrics: [Mas…]


It’s complicated, but Gustavo ¡Ask A Mexican! Arellano considers the future of Mexican-Americans in the South and suggests it’s the new, unconquered Aztlan ripe for the Reconquista Part II. After all, paisas and good ole’ boys are the same with the horses and the whiskey and the marrying their second cousins, right? (Gustavo’s art courtesy Memo Nerricio’s Tex[t]-Mex Gallery and Steve Alvarez’ Mexington.


Some, like POCHO amigo Gustavo ¡Ask A Mexican! Arellano, say it started with Tapatio-flavored Fritos, Doritos, and Ruffles.

Others trace the flavor reconquista to Starbucks’ testing out nopal-flavored espresso drinks in East Los Angeles. But know this: The national introduction of Tapatio-flavored Lays potato chips next week is only the beginning.

Flavoristas say you should look out for these Pocho Ocho Mexican-flavored products in the near future:

8. Horchata-flavored Jaegermeister: Hormeister!

7. Tres Flores presents serrano-chile-flavored bigote wax — sabor picante is just a lick away

6. Chia Coke [Mas…]

Reconquista Video Theatre Presents: ‘Burritos in Outer Espace!’

by Obé Juan Xinobé July 6, 2012 Cultura
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Astronaut Drew Feustel demonstrates how to assemble a burrito in zero-gravity outer espace. Yes, Georgia, Mexican food is the new American. And let us never forget Astronaut Jose Hernandez.


Food safety cops spot mysterious (Mexican?) CACA ‘intruder virus’

by Barney Asada June 11, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON) The anti-import National Food Safety Workshop (NFSW) here claims a dangerous foreign food virus is infecting Caucasian-American digestive systems nationwide. The comida cops say the virus is spread by manipulating the DNA of four foods native to Mexico — chiles, avocado, corn and agave. “We’re calling it the CACA Virus,” says NFSW […]