Here I am, POCHO Jefe-in-Chief @LaloAlcaraz, at #SDCC 2016


San Diego International ComicCon starts tonight, but tomorrow is the Historic! First! Ever! Chicano Comic Art panel at ‪#‎SDCC‬! Join us! Also, ChicanoCon is in effect Saturday at BorderX Brewery in Logan Heights. See you there!


Chicano Comic and Public Art in San Diego, Thursday, 7/21/16, 6-7PM, Room: 25ABCA Panel discussion on San Diego’s vibrant popular arts scene in Barrio Logan, SDSU and UCSD. Discussions on Chicano comics and strips, public murals, Chicano superheros, magic and mythology. Moderated by Peruvian muralist and Chicano Park curator Mario Torrero, with me, Lalo Alcaraz, Border X gallery owner David BorderX and POCHO’s Chicano Punk Rock Artesano Junco Canché.

Mas…Here I am, POCHO Jefe-in-Chief @LaloAlcaraz, at #SDCC 2016

Japanese students in San Diego try a ‘sushirrito’ (video)

When Japanese students at the Q International School in San Diego tried an unlikely All-American Mashup, a “sushirrito,” they were surprised.

At first, they noted, the colors weren’t right, there was no mustard and it lacked ketchup and hamburger. On the other hand, nom nom nom!

We weren’t surprised. In SD, burritos have explored new culinary and multicultural frontiers — they come with French fries:

Mas…Japanese students in San Diego try a ‘sushirrito’ (video)

El Vez live at the Tiki Oasis: He’s going to ‘Aztlan’ (videos, toon)

The Tiki Oasis, San Diego, Califas 2014: El Vez is going to Aztlan — that’s where he wants to be. “The Mexican Elvis” (real name Robert Lopez) is from Chula Vista, Califas, so he’s already there. POCHO world headquarters — in East Los — tambien!

Here’s the studio version, from his album Gracias Land:

Mas…El Vez live at the Tiki Oasis: He’s going to ‘Aztlan’ (videos, toon)

Tips for crossing the border, paper fortune teller style (photos, video)

What do you need to know when crossing to El Norte from Tijuana? One artist who lived that life incorporated all she learned into origami “cootie catcher” fortune teller paper tip sheets. (Silent video, above.)

Isabella Cruz-Chong grew up in Tijuana, she explained to POCHO in an email, “and I would constantly cross between Tijuana and San Diego. The instructions originated from common rules most people from there know, personal instructions that my parents used to tell me when I was growing up. Some are my own that I have learned that are important to be aware of. All of the instructions are written in my own words.”

Mas…Tips for crossing the border, paper fortune teller style (photos, video)

Pocho Ocho weird geographic chingaderas you probably never heard of

googlestraitPOCHO’s Comic Saenz wasn’t 100% sure where the Crimean Peninsula was on a map until last week, when Russia grabbed it, and he had no clue about the Strait of Malacca, where that Malaysian Airlines flight may have disappeared.

He had to look this stuff up on the Internets (photo), and maybe you did too.

That’s when we realized our geographical memory banks — and yours — might need a little shot of phresh knowledge, like this list of the Pocho Ocho Weird Geographical Chingaderas You Probably Never Heard Of:

8. Lake Tiacaca. Nowhere near the Andes, this stinky mess was discovered in your Aunt Anna’s bathroom after that thing with the sewer pipes.

7. The Chicano Triangle. This tortilla-chip-shaped segment of Southern California goes from Oxnard to San Diego to Indio. Many (traditionally) black and (predominantly) white neighborhoods formerly located in this area have disappeared from demographers’ charts.

6. The Straights of Esai. These large ribbed rock formations just north of Malibu bring ALL the boys to the yard.

Mas…Pocho Ocho weird geographic chingaderas you probably never heard of