From Venuezuela: Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле (chupacabra video)

Hey! I took Russki in college. Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле means “corpse of a chupacabra [found] in Venezuela.”

Poor Venezuela. Ever since Commandante Hugo Chavez died, his chosen successor Nicolas Maduro has had to cope with a series of Yanqui plots that are screwing up the economy in his socialist paradise.

First came the toilet paper shortage which Maduro blamed on imperialist sabotage, although he later tried to paint it as an example of his economic successes, claiming Venezuelan shit production had reached record levels, thereby outstripping the papel hygenico supply.

Last week he expelled American diplomats because their economic terrorism scared the government-owned-and-run power grid shitless, causing blackouts across the country.

In retaliation, the American dogs have pulled Fox News out of Venezuela, so Maduro has been stuck with trying to uplift his weary nation with revolutionary reporting from Russia, as this Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле report shows.