Ted Cruz campaign tracts warn of ‘Satan’s Spiritual Structure’

tedcruzcheatsheetWhile Senator Ted Cruz (R-Canadia) was telling the crowd “To God be the Glory” [In Arabic, this is “Allahu Akbar”] in his Des Moines, Iowa victory speech Monday night, PNS snagged an example of the tracts campaign aides were passing out to the crowd — tracts detailing the Christian Sharia Law we can expect under President Cruz.

The rest of the tract is here….


Lalo Alcaraz: My Excellent Texalent ‘Bordertown’ Adventure (photos)

crackerbarrelmcallen(TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 2015 – TEXAS, USA) I’m “on tour” in South Texas, down along the border, screening episodes of the animated series Bordertown, which debuts next year on FOX.

It’s exotic! The indigenous cuisine served ^^^ at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, in McAllen, is like nothing I’ve previously encountered – it’s “quirky.” And I was surrounded by crackers; barrels not so much.

Mas…Lalo Alcaraz: My Excellent Texalent ‘Bordertown’ Adventure (photos)

Latino GOP Texas state rep compares Bernie Sanders with Nazis

villalbapendejoTexas Republican State Representative Jason Villalba, who represents a rich area of Dallas, continues to defend his Tweet implying Senator Bernie Sanders is acting like a Nazi.

Not that Sanders, who is Jewish, IS a Nazi, just sayin’, OK?

Villalba’s remarks are very similar to common misrepresentations of Latino Republican as vendido coconut pendejo babosos.

Not that Villalba IS a vendido coconut pendejo baboso. Just sayin’, OK?

Mas…Latino GOP Texas state rep compares Bernie Sanders with Nazis

Brand-new American citizen has a message for Donald Trump (photos)

houstonjudgeConcepcion M., a Texas entrepreneur, became an American citizen Wednesday at a Houston naturalization ceremony, when Federal District Judge Lynn Hughes led 2500 immigrants from around the world in the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America.

The mother of 9-year-old citizen Carlos Arturo M., Concepcion M. has already made up her mind about the upcoming Presidential election. 🙂

Mas…Brand-new American citizen has a message for Donald Trump (photos)

Area executive thinks about delicious lunch torta all day long

hungryguy(PNS reporting from LAREDO) District III Regional Supervisor Pablo Gutierrez, 35, could not wait for yesterday’s pinche lunch break to begin so he could buy a firme torta at Joaquin’s Lonchera.

“Tortas were all I could think about,” the middle management exec told PNS Monday evening.

“I mean, when Andy from Financing handed me all those reports, I said ‘thanks’ but I was really imagining that he was a giant slice of avocado in my torta.”

Mas…Area executive thinks about delicious lunch torta all day long

English is my third language; I grew up speaking Spanish and Caló

panzonI was born and raised in El Paso in an area known as The Second Ward because of its political designation in city government.

In the greater community, it was most popularly called South El Paso. However, the approximately 25,000 mostly Chicano people who lived there referred to the neighborhood as El Segundo Barrio. It was a barrio that was like an island sandwiched between the Rio Grande Mexican border and downtown El Paso.

In this isolated area, about a third of the families were of second or third generation Mexican descent like ours. Another third was made up of mostly migrant newer arrivals and the rest were in transition. However, it was the Spanish language that served to unite the whole community. Although Spanish was prevalent, lots of exposure to English came through, school, work, movies, radio, music and TV, which was then in its infancy.

Although I love that I am bilingual, I was recently reminded that I am, in fact, trilingual. You see, this third language was unique to our Segundo Barrio culture because it originated there. It started as the jargon for the criminal element in our midst. These outlaws were widely know as “pachucos” because of the Los Angeles bent to their style of clothes. Most of us called them Tirilis and for all intents, they were the precursors of today’s gang members.

Mas…English is my third language; I grew up speaking Spanish and Caló

Coming Soon: Attack of the 14-Year-Old Black Girl!

texaspoliceComing soon from McKinney, Texas Police Productions, it’s the next summer horror science fiction cop flick, Attack of the 14-Year-Old Black Girl!

A frightening teen girl in a bikini terrorizes the police force of a small Texas suburb, making them respond with excessive force and brutality reserved only for the worst of America’s swimming thugs!

Who will protect our nation’s pool parties from this monster? Rated R for Racist!

Featuring Emma Stone as the Asian Neighbor.

Mas…Coming Soon: Attack of the 14-Year-Old Black Girl!